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Bear mattress started 25 years ago as a family business founded by Scott Paladini. Today it is one of the best mattress companies selling mattresses online. WITH a BBB Rating of A+, The Bear mattress company sells excellent products, Address customer concerns and Provide unsurpassed service.

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The Business online for Bear Started in 2014, Way after most companies had already made an online presence. While companies Like saatva were already the best sellers online, Bear was a newcomer to online business. Yet, Bear mattress broke into the market and made a presence in the online market. Today Most review companies find bear as a major player in the mattress industry. They cannot help but review the mattress and put it on the top spot.

  • Sleepopolis 4.6
  • Slumbersearch 9.6
  • Consumer affairs : 3.9
  • Mattress clarity : 4.5
  • Mattress guides : 4.5
  • HappySleepyhead : 4.4
  • Memoryfoam Talk 9.5
  • Mattressadvisor : 8.6
  • : 4.6

Below are some of the reviews from professional mattress review websites. You will notice that most of them have rated the mattress to be in the range of 4–4.5 out of 5.

The Bear mattress Collection

Bear mattress collection is 3 mattresses one better than the other. The standard original Bear mattress is where the entire mattress story started for Bear. From there, things evolved. They started a luxury mattress in the Beary hybrid and their new Bear Pro is the addition of Copper foam and Pressure-relieving features.

The Bear Hybrid mattress

  • Hand Quilted Celliant Covers For Faster recovery
  • Hypersoft Cooling Gel Foam — To reduce Heat retention
  • Premium Comfort Foam — For better conforming feel
  • Responsive Transition Foam -
  • Quantum Edge Coil — Different density coils for edge and the main area. Better edge support
  • High Density support foam — For a stronger base.

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The Bear Mattress (Original)

  • Breathable Celliant Cover — Promotes Recovery and Healing
  • Graphite gel memory foam — Stay cooler through out the night
  • Responsive Foam — Adapts to your shape
  • High Density support foam
  • Firmness level to support your back at 7.1
  • Best for Back and stomach sleepers

Buy The Bear Original Mattress at

SizeWidthLengthDepthWeightPriceQueen60"80"10"70 lbs.$890King76"80"10"90 lbs.$ 990Cal King72"84"10"90 lbs.$ 990Full54"75"10"60 lbs.$ 790Twin39"75"10"50 lbs.$ 590Twin XL39"80"10"50 lbs.$690

The Bear mattress was the first launch by the company. The mattress is simple with 3 layers

A Graphite gel Layer that prevents heat retention, A Transition foam that conforms, and the base layer. The Celliant technology cover was used first on a Bear mattress and the USP for the company. Celliant covers were known to help recover better after asleep and there is a whole lot of research that proves it. Currently, there are a lot of companies using Celliant covers on their mattresses. The Bear mattress is on the firmer side. Most other mattresses will be softer than the Bear mattress. Being a mattress that helps recovery and is used by a lot of sports personnel, it was important to keep the mattress firm, Yet soft. Again, Bear mattress went by research which shows that firm mattresses are better for back problems and recovering from injuries

Overall I would consider the Bear mattress to be in the range of 3.5 out of 5 because it’s simply one of the most basic mattresses. But for its price, I think it is pretty hard to get a mattress of that quality. Yes, there are plenty of other mattresses which are cheaper, but when you take the balance between price and quality/features, I think the price is very justified.

WidthLengthDepthWeightPriceQueen60″80″14″110 lbs.$1390King76″80″14″140 lbs.$ 1690Cal King72″84″14″140 lbs.$ 1690Full54″75″14″80 lbs.$ 1290Twin39″75″14″60 lbs.$ 1090Twin XL39″80″14″60 lbs.$ 1190

Sometimes simplicity wins hands-on and that is the case with the Luxury hybrid mattress by Bear. The Bear hybrid has celliant covers which are hand quilted for a luxurious feel. Hypersoft cooling gel may sound fancy and does the fancy job of keeping the heat at bay. With spring mattresses, heat retention is comparatively lower than that of memory foam but with the Cooling gel layer, the heat retention is way lesser than most other innerspring mattresses. The right pressure from the innerspring ensures that the mattress is bouncy but not jumpy. IT creates the right pressure throughout the body but gives you the feel of luxury. The innerspring is arranged with higher-density springs around the corner for better edge support. The Luxury hybrid Bear mattress is also Greenguard Gold certified.

The Bear hybrid falls in between 6 and 6.5 in firmness levels. Most people have found the mattress to be just right for them. It is neither too soft nor too firm. Unlike the firm original Bear mattress, the Bear hybrid is known to be a bit softer. Being a luxury mattress also requires that the mattress is on the softer side.

Visit the official Bear mattress website at

The Bear Hybrid is soft to touch but firm on your body. It is good for people suffering from back problems who need proper pressure relief.

The Bear Pro Gel Mattress

  • Celliant Technology covers — Better muscle recovery
  • Copper infused foam — Cleaner sleep
  • Gel memory foam for Temperature control
  • Responsive transition foam for better pressure relief

More details on the Bear Pro Gel mattress at

WidthLengthDepthWeightPriceQueen60″80″12″80 lbs.$1090King76″80″12″100lbs.$ 1290Cal King72″84″12″100lbs.$ 1290Full54″75″12″70lbs.$ 1040Twin39″75″12″60lbs$ 940Twin XL39″80″12″60lbs$ 990

The Bear Pro is the latest addition to the Bear mattress collection. It is a very soft Gel Memory Foam Mattress with copper-infused foam. The Bear pro sports a breathable celliant cover just like all the other mattresses in the Bear mattress range. The responsive transition and the high-density foam base are also the same as all the other mattresses from Bear. The Bear Pro mattress is made specifically for active people. The mattress is soft and has a firmness rating of 5.9. IT provides a bit of bounce but excellent conformance. The Bear Pro mattress is recommended for people who are active but not really for those who are suffering from back problems or have gone through surgery. The mattress is too soft for people who are recovering from back problems.

When it comes to luxury, this mattress excels expectations. The mattress is extremely soft, Sleeps cool and the copper-infused gel foam is an added benefit overall

More on Bear

WidthLengthDepthWeightPriceQueen59.5 ″79 ″7.5 ″69 lbs.$ 295King75.5″79″7.5″85 lbs.$ 350Cal King71.5″83″7.5″85 lbs.$ 350Full52.5″74″7.5″64 lbs.$ 250Twin37.5″74″7.5″56 lbs$ 225Twin XL37.5″79″7.5″58 lbs$ 225

Bear mattresses go well with almost all Frames and foundations except for Box springs. If you have one, Great. If you don’t then Bear offers one of the best-slatted wood Foundations. The foundations are made from Canadian spruce and covered with gray fabric. It goes perfectly well with the Frames by Bear mattress or for that matter of fact most frames. It is easy to assemble and doe not require any tools. The foundation comes with 1-year limited warranty. The Product requires that you use the product for at least 30 days before returning it and the trial period is for 100 Days.

The Bear Mattress Bed Frame

  • Simple Easy to assemble
  • No tools Required
  • 100 night trial
  • 10 year warranty

Full Details on the bed frame by Bear is on

Slatted Wood Foundation For Bear Mattress

  • Easy to assemble
  • No tools required
  • Gray color fabric
  • Fits on almost all frames
  • Slatted
  • 100 Night trial (30 day Break in period)

Full details on Bear foundations and where to buy now at

The Bear adjustable Frame

  • Easy to setup
  • White glove delivery and setup available
  • Preset Positions
  • Easy to use wireless remote
  • Light weight sturdy material
  • 2 USB Charging ports

Buy the Adjustable Frame By Bear Mattress at

WidthLengthDepthWeightPriceQueen60"74"8"44 lbs.$ 195King76"74 ″8"45 lbs.$ 225Cal King72 ″74 ″8"45 lbs.$ 225Full53 ″74″8"42 lbs.$ 185Twin38"71.5 ″8"31 lbs$ 150

A sturdy metal frame with Fiberglass infused resin and a 10-year warranty. To top it all Easy assembly with no tools required. Add a foundation to the top and you are ready to set up any mattress. Its simple, sturdy (can hold up to 2500lbs), and durable. Ships in 5–7 days and free shipping too. This is one of the simplest products which I have seen in the market. With just 5 components, even a child could assemble it in minutes. The Frame comes with a 100-night trial and requires a 30-day break-in period.

WidthLengthHeightWeightQueen79.7”58.3”15 “15 lbs.King79.7 “74.4”15 “208.7 lbs.Cal King79.7 “37.2 ″15 “148.2 lbs X 2

The adjustable bases by Bear come in 3 sizes. It is easy to set up and does come with white glove delivery and setup if you need one. The Bear adjustable base is compatible with all Bear mattresses and other mattresses too. has custom Preset positions and you can adjust the positions as you wish. The wireless remote comes with a motion-activated LED and an easy-to-use interface. The Adjustable base also has 2 USB charging ports. It is set to the perfect height. The adjustable frame is constructed with a Lightweight Aluminium frame. The product comes with a 10-year warranty and does not have a provision to return. Sales are final for adjustable bases by BEAR. With the adjustable base, you do not require any frame or Foundations. The mattress is placed directly on the adjustable base.

The Bear mattress Protector

  • Moisture wicking
  • Breathable
  • Easy to maintain and handle
  • HEIQ Technology

More Details on the Bear mattress protector are now on the Bear website at

KING SIZEWidthLengthHeightFlat Sheet110”104” Fitted Sheet78”80”13"King Pillowcase21″40″

The Bear Mattress also provides beddings. The celliant technology beddings are known to help people who have problems with recovery. if you are a person involved in sports, the celliant covers and sheets could help recover from daily workouts faster than before. The Bear bedding includes 1 flat sheet a fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases. They come in white. The 13-inch fitted sheet can stretch to fit a mattress up to 16 inches. Maintenance is easy. Machine wash the sheets and covers with warm water. Do not bleach and mix with other colored clothes. The sheets are 60% cotton with 40 percent Celliant infused polyester. The sheets come in a 400 thread count single ply sateen weave. There are no returns on this product or exchanges. The price for a king-sized pack is $95

WidthLengthWeightPriceQueen60"80 “5 lbs.$110King76”80 ″5 lbs.$125Cal King72 ″84 ″5 lbs.$125Full54 ″75 ″4.75 lbs.$100Twin39"75 ″4 lbs$75Twin XL39 ″80 ″4 lbs$100

Bear mattress Protectors use HEIQ technology for waterproofing from stains and liquid damage. The Protectors are Dust and mite repellent and keep you from allergens and bacteria. Unlike most other Mattress protectors, the Bear mattress protector is breathable and promotes cooling. The fabric wicks moisture effectively, keeping your mattress safe. IF your mattress uses Celliant technology, like the Bear range of mattresses, you need not worry about losing its effect. The Mattress protectors by Bear will not hinder the effectiveness of the Celliant covers. The Mattress protectors are easy to care for and you can launder them and tumble dry at home. The mattress protector comes with a 10-year warranty and a 100-night return. Shipping for returns will be handled by the customer.

The Bear mattress Beddings and sheets

  • Celliant Technology covers.
  • Responsive Fabric
  • Breathable , Soft and Durable
  • Cool and dry

The Bear Foam Pillows

  • Double ice fabric
  • Suitable for all sleep position
  • Mesh panels for air flow
  • Retains shape

The Bear pillows are available now on the Bear website at

The Bear cloud Pillow

  • Hypoallergenic
  • 100% polyester
  • Washable
  • Sleeps cool

WidthLengthPriceStandard Size18″26″ + 2″ gusset$ 100King Size18″34″ + 2″ gusset$125

The Bear cloud pillow Gives you a feel of down pillows without one single ounce of Down in it. The fillings and cover are 100% polyester. It was fully washable. The Pillows are hypoallergenic, Sleeps cool, and give you a very soft cloud-like loft (thus the name). It is lightweight and comes in packs of 2 in 2 different sizes, The standard, and King. The product comes with a 100-night trial.

WidthLengthHeightWeightPriceQueen15.75″25″5.5″5 lbs.$ 95King15.75 ″35.4"5″7 lbs.$115

The Bear foam pillow is a single Loft X Foam that is not too firm or too soft. It supports your neck in any sleeping position. The double ice fabric cover ensures that you never sleep hot with this pillow. The Design with dual mesh side panels ensures that there is proper Airflow and the pillow remains cool throughout your sleep. The pillows are hypoallergenic. It prevents the accumulation of dust, dust mites, and bacteria. The covers are removable and washable. The pillow comes with 2 years warranty and a 100-night trial. The Bear foam pillows come in 2 sizes. For reviews and information on Bear Pillows, Click here


Discount code, Coupons, and promo codes

Bear mattress offers deals on their website from time to time. Currently, there are 2 deals for mattresses

$275 OFF + 2 free cloud pillows on orders of $1075+



$175 OFF + 2 free cloud pillows on orders of $750+


When purchasing a mattress from Bear, ensure that these codes are still valid. You can always see the coupons and deals on the top part of the Bear mattress website. Do not use other coupon codes from vendors. Most of the time, the coupon codes are outdated or simply fake. Chat with the customer service office or call them on +18443110035 for details on the coupon code and verify if they are valid.

Which of the Bear mattress should I Buy?

This is a common question among people who purchase a mattress. They have rounded up a company or a range of mattresses in a store and are not sure which one to buy. Some people decide based on the budget they have in hand. Others aren’t worried about budget and work out a financing facility like Klarna. Some are specific about their needs. If you are a person who is looking for the right mattress for your back problem, then you should choose the Bear hybrid. If you are young and athletic, your best bet would be a Bear pro gel foam mattress. If you are on a budget and want something firm to sleep on the basic Bear mattress should be perfect for you.

Bear mattress Complaints & Returns

Bear mattress has an A+ Rating with BBB. They work towards addressing customer complaints and keeping customers happy. REturns happen in any business. Some people don’t like the product or the product is not to their comfort. Whatever the reason, you could always ask for a return in the first 100 nights. Most of the mattresses will require you to test the mattress for at least 30 nights. It’s the same for most of the frames and pillows too. Some products are not returnable. Read the Returns section of the product page for details on returns conditions. NOTE: Do not email the company with return requests. Call the company with your request to replace or return the product. Some products like the Pillows and sheets will incur return charges and you may need to incur the same.

Bear mattress warranty

The Bear mattress assures a 20 Year LIMITED warranty. This does not include normal wear and tear. The warranty clearly states that it includes only damages due to poor craftsmanship or problems in the material. Poor or crumbling foam, manufacturing defects, etc will be covered for 20 years. Be sure to read the fine prints in the warranty section for more information and a clear idea.

Bear Mattress Cost — is the price worth it?

The Bear mattress is one of the most affordable mattresses in the market. Most mattresses in the same range would cost you $100 more or have a lot fewer features. The mattresses by Bear use really good quality material. The celliant cover for one is a good reason to purchase this mattress. The gel foam in the mattress keeps the mattress cool and with the celliant cover, the mattress is pure bliss.

Is Bear Mattress good for Athletes?

The bear mattress was initially marketed for Athletes. IT was the only mattress company in 2014 to come up with the celliant technology which was proven to help recover from daily workouts by athletes. The Mattress was just about the firm for a good sleep and kept the body cool throughout the sleep. A lot of endorsements happened during the initial period from leading athletes and the mattress took off to be one of the best mattresses for athletes. But this is not limited to athletes. Anyone can use this mattress for a good sleep. Recovery is not just for athletes. You also need to recover daily. With the Bear mattress, it becomes easy.


Delivery is done via FedEx and shipping is free. Your mattress is vacuum-packed and comes in a box. It is easy to transport but it is heavy. The mattress will be delivered in 2–5 days from the order date. Setting up the mattress usually takes minutes but it will be ready to use only in 3–4 hours. We recommend that the mattress only be used in 24 -48 hours to let out the new smell which comes with every new mattress


Bear mattress Assembly & Setup instructions

There is nothing much to assemble in a Bear mattress. The setup instructions are clear and straightforward too. The setup instructions and assembly for all the products including the frames, Adjustable base, and foundations are all easy. You will require no tools for setting up these products. All you may need is a box knife to cut through the package. The setup for the Mattress is as easy as removing it from the box, Placing the mattress on the foundation or base, and opening up the Plastic cover. Remove the plastic cover entirely and leave it to expand naturally. The entire process should take 3–4 hours and you should be ready to use the product. The Bear mattress does have a Break in period.

You are expected to try the mattress for at least 30 days before you consider returning it. The purpose of a break-in period ensures that you get used to the mattress. Most mattresses tend to be either hard or too soft for you. Over a while, usually around 15–20 days the mattress will adjust to you and you will adjust to the mattress. You will find the true quality of the mattress only after a set time. Most people find the mattress perfect for their needs by the end of the month. Some people of course find the mattress too hard or soft and return them.
Bear mattress Customer Service

In case you are not satisfied with the product, you can always call customer service at +1–844–311–0035. You can also get additional sales-related queries addressed on this number. The Bear mattress company takes customer service seriously and you will find someone answering your call with all your requirements. In case you are returning your product, keep pictures of your mattress ready and also the invoice, bills, etc which you were provided during the purchase.
Bear mattress dealers & Retailers near me

Bear mattress sells online. They are very clear about their warranty and if you purchase the mattress from somewhere else, chances are you will not be provided with an invoice from Bear directly which may become complicated for returns, warranty, and more. If you are considering purchasing a bear mattress, buy it from It is cheaper and safer. Your warranty and returns are covered and you will be safe.
Bear mattress edge support and motion isolation

Bear mattress has excellent edge support in its hybrid. The high tension coils around the mattress keep the mattress sturdy and provide excellent edge support. The motion isolation on the Pro and Bear mattress original is excellent. You will not feel movement on the other side even if someone quite heavy moves around. The mattress takes all required precautions to keep the standard levels of motion isolation and edge support to compete with the others in the industry.
Bear mattress organic

The Bear mattress is not organic. The mattress is Certipur certified and the covers are OEKO-tex certified. The mattress is not organic and this is the only downside in my perspective. All other factors of this mattress are just excellent or at least on par with the industry standards
Bear hybrid vs Bear Memory foam mattress

The Hybrid mattress sports the best of both worlds. The right bounce, The soft feel, the right firmness, and just pure luxury. The Bear memory foam mattress on the other hand is a bit firm. It is perfect for people suffering from Back problems but then it’s nowhere near perfect when it’s compared to a luxury mattress. Surely the Bear hybrid is not the best luxury mattress in the market but it’s one of the best in the price range.
Which Bear mattress is good for Back pain

We recommend the Hybrid mattress from the bear for back pain. IF you need something more firm, the Original Bear is your best bet. The Original Bear mattress falls on the firmer end. If you have back problems or have undergone surgery, the Bear original is the perfect fit. But if you would like a bit softer mattress the Hybrid is a better match. The mattress is crafted for athletes so you can expect that you will have excellent pressure relief throughout.
The Best Bear mattress for side sleepers

The Pro and the Hybrid Bear mattress are your best choice for side sleepers. The original Bear mattress is more apt for back sleepers. If you are a side sleeper the Softer end, hybrid, and pro mattress will be more suitable for you. Add a Bear pillow and you will find the perfect mattress for you.

Bear mattress company

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Ste C508

Hoboken, NJ 07030–6339

Hoboken, NJ 07030–6339

(844) 311–0035



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