Layla Mattress Honest Reviews
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  • 2 Week Break in period
  • 120 Night Trial
  • Free returns
  • Free shipping
  • Flippable
  • Copper infused

Layla Mattress Honest Reviews

There are only a couple of reviews available, but the majority of them speak good about Layla mattress. People suffering from medical conditions such as chronic back pain and other aches have found Layla mattress as a great relief. They feel that copper infused foam is great to sleep and does not produce heat, unlike plain memory foams.

Layla Mattress is best for back and side sleepers as it reduces the pain from the pressure points. For back sleepers, pressure points are back of the head, shoulder, elbow, buttocks, and heels. For a side sleeper, pressure points include ear, shoulder, elbow, hip, thighs, legs and heels.

Many were of the opinion that Layla mattress offered excellent customer service post sales and the shipping was pretty fast. From all the customer reports of Layla Mattress, I guess this mattress is an above average product and an excellent product for people who have arthritis and joint pains.

Check out the Layla Mattress reviews on Amazon.

Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress has received 4.7 out of 5 stars from 40 users at Amazon. Majority of the users love the mattress. People claim that it is the best they have ever slept on. Being flippable is a dominant feature which many users love mainly because they can switch the mattress side at their discretion.

The personal isolation (i.e., motion transfer) is another feature which users love. People love the fact that the mattress maintains the personal isolation of both sides respectively. So even if one person hops in and out of bed, the spouse can sleep peacefully.

Even the customer service has been applauded by users who claim a refund or return.

Barndon Decker

Layla is superior to all other mattresses. I have never slept so well in my life. My boyfriend and I need the new mattress, and we decide to shop online together and compare without existing Serta. He chose Nectar which he got, and I got Layla. The Layla is much more supportive than Nectar. The personal isolation is fantastic. I snuck out of bed and, he didn’t even open his eyes which never happened with the other two mattresses. Layla didn’t have a smell and arrived faster than Nectar. The financing options are better if you are buying direct. I got 0% on Amazon just like the official website. Nectar’s finance is a bit sketchy, and they didn’t clarify that if you opt for a payment plan, you need to pay more. This is the best purchase I have made in a long time. I want a pillow now.

Grandpa Jon

We have just slept on this mattress just one night. I woke up pain-free this morning as compared to the past. However, we will report back after having more experience. We wanted a regular King, but I liked the option of the reversible mattress. My wife likes it different so got two twins. I have arthritis so we can flip it around and hoping the copper infusion is helpful.


Absolutely one of the best mattress I have slept on in 62 years of my life. After research, I came across this mattress with rave reviews. I liked the fact that it came with a trial period and the company would arrange a pickup. Well, I didn’t have to do that as I love the mattress and will keeping it. Love the absolute comfort and now wake up without any hip pain. Can’t say enough about this mattress. Highly recommended.

It is a family-owned business, and they are typical experts in the mattress industry. I must say they have done pretty good research on four factors especially airflow, cooling, comfort, and health from the customer’s point of view. All their mattresses are designed with these four specifications after experimenting with a lot of materials and combinations to bring the best for its customers. This mattress makes use of copper-infused memory foam to provide luxury and comfort.

Layla Mattress Copper Infused Foam Mattress For Allergies

The Layla mattress comes with 2 firmness levels and is flappable the hybrid mattress comes with Copper infused foam which is naturally antibacterial and prevents allergy. The mattress is medium firm on one side and plush on the other. It is perfect for people with lower back pain and are not sure of the firmness levels, specially for those who are below the weight of 180 lbs.

Best Known For

  • Flippable 2 Sided
  • Copper infused Foam
  • Removable cover with Flip handles

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The mattress is made up of three layers, and you can flip the bed according to the need. If you feel like sleeping on a plush or a soft mattress you can choose the comfort layer which is 3”high-density memory foam. This layer has infused copper embedded inside which helps to provide cooling and also enhances blood circulation.

The middle layer or the convoluted base layer is of 6” is made of durable base foam which allows proper ventilation and ample support to the body. The next layer which is of 1” is a duplicated comfort layer of foam with help to give a firmer feel. If you wish to stay asleep on the firmer side, then flip the mattress by removing the mattress cover. In short, the bed is made up of three layers on one side is soft and the other hand being firm. You can flip either side according to your requirements and sleep patterns.

Why Copper Infused Memory Foam?

Copper has been a great metal that humankind has always relied on for various health benefits it offers. The benefits of copper date back to ancient times. This precious metal has been used as a medicine to treat different health conditions for centuries. Eating food in copper vessels or wearing ornaments made of copper is excellent for the body. It is said that wearing copper bracelets can help to treat conditions like arthritis and stiff joints. This healing mineral has been used extensively in Ayurveda and other alternative medications for centuries.

Layla mattress has tapped this potential of copper into their bed by embedding them into the memory foam so that you can sleep tight with fewer aches and pain. Also copper allows the mattress to stay cool. It is said that copper emits antioxidants and contains anti-inflammatory properties. I guess that is the main reason why old folks used to wear ornaments made of copper.

Back Pain Relief

This single mattress can help some people suffering from different health problems. The use of copper makes this mattress excellent for people suffering from joint inflammation and pain. If you have rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, then don’t give a second thought but buy this mattress right away as it is the best. You will start feeling the difference every morning when you wake up from this super cool mattress.

Also if you are tired of your busy life and want to heal better while sleeping, then this mattress is the perfect solution. This copper infused mattress will help the body to improve blood circulation.

Sizes And Dimensions

Whether you sleep alone or have a partner, there is room for everyone out there. There are six sizes available and following are the dimensions. You can use standard size bedspreads for these mattresses. Layla Mattress comes with 10" of thickness.

  • Twin 38” x 74” x 10.”
  • Twin XL 38” x 80” x 10.”
  • Full 54” x 74” x 10.”
  • Queen 60” x 80” x 10.”
  • King 76” x 80” x 10.”
  • Cal King 72” x 84” x 10.”


  • This mattress perfectly works with adjustable beds.
  • It takes shape instantly after unpacking, and there is no waiting period, unlike other mattresses.
  • One of the world’s 1st copper infused mattress
  • Whooping 10-year warranty
  • Free shipping
  • Excellent return policy
  • The trial period of 4 months.
  • Made in the United States
  • Quality copper used
  • Efficient in-built cooling system and high-grade memory foam are used.
  • thermoGEL mattress cover to prevent heating

Will Layla Copper-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Overheat?

The structure of the memory foam is the main reason why it gets warm. Since this substance is relatively dense and thick, it does not allow air circulation. So as a rule of thumb when air circulation is hindered it automatically creates ventilation problems and finally lead to warming up of the mattress. In addition to that, your body will also produce heat which gets trapped causing overheating problem.

Another main reason is memory foams are known to improve blood circulation and relieve pressure off your body. When the force exerted on your pressure points like heels, elbows and joints are relieved blood flow is enhanced. That is it helps to pick up the metabolic rate and the result being your body becoming warmer. It is also a reason why you feel hot while sleeping on memory foam.

But when you compare the advantages of memory foam, this seems to be a single drawback. Memory foam is the only material that allows the body to contour and sleeps in the correct anatomical position. It keeps the vertebrae aligned while sleeping and due to that pains and aches gets reduced with each passing day. Sleeping on memory foam means a restful sleep is guaranteed.

Layla mattress is not purely made of memory foam as they have infused copper in their mattress making them an efficient cooling system.

Also, they have developed open cell memory foam that never allows the mattress to get hot. It helps in air circulation and supports the body.

They have one of a kind mattress covers specially designed for preventing overheating. According to them the closest thing to the body is the mattress cover, so they have given detailed attention in making the cover a unique one. The mattress cover is made up of food-based thermoGEL technology that keeps the mattress fresh and also dissipates the body heat thereby prevent overheating.

Layla Mattress Copper Infused Foam Mattress For Allergies

The Layla mattress comes with 2 firmness levels and is flappable the hybrid mattress comes with Copper infused foam which is naturally antibacterial and prevents allergy. The mattress is medium firm on one side and plush on the other. It is perfect for people with lower back pain and are not sure of the firmness levels, specially for those who are below the weight of 180 lbs.

Best Known For

  • Flippable 2 Sided
  • Copper infused Foam
  • Removable cover with Flip handles

Starts at $1,699.00 SAVE $200 Apply Coupon

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Does Layla Mattress offer replacement cover?

No. Currently, Layla Mattress does not offer any replacement covers. There are mattress toppers available for those who need it.

Is it registered with the Better Business Bureau?

Layla Mattress is not registered with the Better Business Bureau.

Complaints or negative reviews?

The common complaint seen in Layla Mattress is poor edge support. Many people report sinkage around the edge of the bed area where people usually sit.

How much time does it take to deliver?

Once you order, it takes 2–3 business days to manufacture and pack the mattress. Once shipped, it takes 2–5 business days to deliver based on your location. All the mattress are shipped from Phoenix, AZ.

Does Layla Mattress come with a foundation?

No, you need to purchase the foundation separately. It is available at Layla Mattress official website itself. If your current foundation is in excellent condition, then you need not go for another investment.

What is the firmness rating?

The firmness rating is four on the scale of 10 which is Medium-Soft.

Care and Maintenance — Instructions

Read on to know how to care for your Layla Mattress.

As per the manufacturer’s claim, you need to rotate the mattress every 6–8 months. It is also recommended that you use a mattress protector to keep the mattress safe and free from spills or stains. The company says that the copper-gel infusion in the memory foam doesn’t affect the care or cleaning of the bed. In that case, you can vacuum the mattress with the cover using the soft-brush attachment.

Be careful not to soak the memory foam in any liquids. Do not use any harsh detergents.

What is the price?

The price of Layla Mattress is quite affordable making it easy on the budget for anyone to afford it.

Does Layla Mattress need a protector?

It is always best to use a mattress protector to save your investment from spills, stains, pet dander, etc. Mattress protector will also keep you safe from allergies.

What is the phone number for customer support?

You can contact Layla Mattress customer service at 844–775–2952.

Is Layla Mattress available at retail stores?

No, Layla Mattress is not available at retail stores or showroom. You can find it only in online stores as the company deals directly with the customers. There are no middlemen which save you from unwanted service tax or charges.

video ads or promos

Yes, you can watch Layla Mattress Video Promotion here

Where to buy a Topper?

You can buy a mattress topper for your Layla sleep right from the official website at the best price.

How long after unboxing?

Within a few minutes after unboxing the mattress, you can sleep on it. You may notice a faint smell when you uncover a new bed. Note it is harmless and if you feel bothered, place it on a well-ventilated area for a few hours where it will dissipate.

What is the weight limit?

The company does not mention anything about the weight limit. However, people in their product review (who are above 230 lbs) claim that the mattress supports the weight efficiently without causing any sinkage.

Where To Buy?

Want to buy this super cool memory foam mattress then visit their website and make the best deal out of it. You can purchase the bed and try it for four long months and only if you like it keep it. Layla mattress makes your home a showroom for you where you can try and test the product as you want.
Or if you want to go in person and check the product, you can visit NEST BEDDING SHOWROOMS for the same.

Below are the addresses and you can choose the nearest city to pay a visit:

1) Albany
835 San Pablo Ave
Albany, CA 94706

2) Mountain view
1049 el monte ave
Mountain View, CA 94040

3) New York
196 Bowery
New York, NY 10012

4) San Francisco
367 9th St
San Francisco, CA 94103

5) Los Angeles
12319 Ventura Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 91604

6) Santa Monica
1512 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Discount Coupon and Promo Codes

Yes. They offer Layla Mattress promotional deals and discount coupon codes on their websites and other sites from time to time. You can also visit their facebook page for more details. You can apply these promo codes while making a purchase and avail discounts.

Charity Initiative By Layla Mattress

As you all know, many homeless shelters offer assistance to the poor free of cost. These shelters are a great relief for the poor and are run with the help of private funds. By buying a mattress, you are doing charity work as with each sale Layla will cover the cost of one night for the homeless in a city shelter. In Layla, they want to make a big difference by helping these shelters to assist the homeless and at the same time provide value-based services to its customers. Their goal is to sell as much as mattresses possible to fund these privately run shelters across America. Currently, they are financing shelters in San Francisco, but they are planning to implement this model nationwide.

Does Layla Mattress Sleep Hot?

Memory foams are the best when it comes to a mattress. Memory foam mattresses perk up the quality of sleep and make you feel like a King. But there is one shortcoming for memory foam which keeps most of the people away from these types. Memory foam mattresses have a propensity to overheat, and this is a crucial concern among mattress buyers. Before talking about Layla mattress lets us discuss why overheating of memory foam occurs.

Is the Mattress Cover Removable and Washable?

The mattress cover can be removed easily as it is a simple detachable zipper cover. If you want to flip the sides, then remove the cover. If you’re going to wash your mattress cover then kindly have it dry cleaned as it contains infused thermoGEL.

Where is the Mattress Made and Shipped From?

Layla mattress is made in the United States. The foam is made in Georgia and California and later sent to Arizona for assembling. The mattress covers and labels are made in North Carolina. When an order is placed the mattress is tight packed from Phoenix destined to reach your doorsteps within a few business days.

What is the Trial Period?

Once the purchase is made, you can sleep on it for four long months (i.e., 120 days trial period) straight away. Experts recommend trying a mattress for at least two weeks to give your body some time to adjust with the new member. Layla mattress asks its customers to work for two weeks and before four months from the purchase date to know well about the bed. If the customer does not love the bedding or finds an issue, then a total refund and return are initiated. Layla mattress provides a hassle free return policy without bugging the customers.

return policy

Well as I said before Layla Mattress have a hassle free return policy. You can send over an email or place a call to the sleep adviser of Layla mattress. They will organize for a local charity to accept the mattress from you. You don’t have to pack the bed or do anything; all you have to do is give it to the charity and pick up the receipt given by them. Then take a picture of that receipt and send into the Layla, mattress agent. A full refund will be initiated at the earliest.

Shipping & Warranty

The product is shipped free for all the 50 states, and there is no single penny charged to pick the product while returning to the charity or while delivery to the customer.

The warranty period is of 10 years, and it does not cover stains, rips, burns, and tears.

The warranty covers sagging which is more than 1”, loss of shape and cracking of the foam. If the mattress losses its height then you can claim as the warranty covers it. Warranties cannot be transferred and are availed only by the defined customer. The warranty is only valid for customers who have bought the mattress directly from the Layla.

Smell or Off-Gassing issues?

Layla mattresses have passed all the safety tests put forward by the federal law and does not contain any harmful substances in it. It does not produce any off-gassing and is CERTI-PUR certified.

Does Layla Mattress Need Any Boxspring?

No, Not at all. But if you use a bed that uses a metal frame, then a box spring or a mattress foundation will be required. If you have a platform type bed or slats then place your Layla mattress over it and have a great sleep. Alternatively, you can also set the mattress on the floor without any problem.

Layla Mattress Copper Infused Foam Mattress For Allergies

The Layla mattress comes with 2 firmness levels and is flappable the hybrid mattress comes with Copper infused foam which is naturally antibacterial and prevents allergy. The mattress is medium firm on one side and plush on the other. It is perfect for people with lower back pain and are not sure of the firmness levels, specially for those who are below the weight of 180 lbs.

Best Known For

  • Flippable 2 Sided
  • Copper infused Foam
  • Removable cover with Flip handles

Starts at $1,699.00 SAVE $200 Apply Coupon

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Layla mattress seems to work better for people with medical conditions like arthritis and joint problems. Moreover, they have solved the overheating problem of memory foam by making use of copper and convoluted structures within the mattress.

They have created a mattress keeping in mind different requirements of its customers and the price ranges. Layla mattress doesn’t entertain any middlemen and directly prefers to deal with its customers. They are strictly an E-commerce business and provide kick-ass quality mattress online. To help its customers get over the online shopping stigma, they have given a considerable timeframe for testing the bed with a full refund in case of any dissatisfaction.



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