Medium Fibro Pedic Mattress For Fibromyalgia Patients
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Fibro Pedic Mattress could be the real solution for fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a condition of pain in the muscles and joints that is caused by unknown reasons. The exact reason for this condition is still not found out. The reasons are estimated to be genetics, triggered by mental or physical trauma, or generated by sleep disorders or disturbances.

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The role of mattresses comes in the third reason estimated here. A good night’s sleep allows the body to rearrange internally and heal itself of any damage done inside. Without much sleep, deep sleep at that, the body could be in the worse situation. If it continues for longer, the mattress itself could trigger conditions like fibromyalgia.

A Mattress For Fibromyalgia — Fibro-Pedic Mattress

Fibromyalgia needs a relieving mattress that does not add trouble to the sleeper. It must be comforting and relieving the pressure on the body parts. It is the main reason why people who suffer from this condition are advised to get a new mattress.

Most probably, the recommended mattress is a memory foam mattress. The memory foam can contour to the body when the body heat is exerted on it. Instead of getting swallowed by the mattress it makes a perfect balance between support and softness.

The contouring effects will naturally reduce the pressure on the main points that matters. It also helps that the heavier parts of the body will have more contouring than the lighter parts which makes it easier to have correct body alignment required.

Memory foam is the most recommended and used mattress for fibromyalgia and all other lower back problems. Since the wrong posture on the mattress can cause this particular condition, getting a memory foam mattress will not go waste, especially if you have this problem in the family.

Fibro Pedic Mattress — The Miracle Worker

The fibropedic mattress is specially made for the comfort of fibromyalgia patients. It uses the goodness of memory foam mixed and has added the advantage of latex foam as well. This mattress was created by Dr. Rick Swartzberg for the comfort of his wife who suffered from this condition.

The mattress comes with a special kind of memory foam along with latex foam. The materials come in multiple layers that practically make a transition from soft to firm. It is also this arrangement that makes the mattress suitable for this health condition. It provides the soft feel at the top and ends with firm support at the base.

Features Of Fibro-Pedic Mattress

The Fibropedic mattress has three layers of foam. Each layer has a varying density. All the layers are of the same thickness, 3 inches. The layers are memory foam, Talalay latex, and HR base foam.

The first layer is the 4 lb memory foam that is 3 inches thick. The material is soft, and it is from the USA. The memory foam can provide the soft support and also increases the surface comfort. The foam is subjected to the body heat. When the heat comes in contact with the foam, it reacts by contouring softly to the body curves. It helps in relieving the pressure points.

  • The middle layer is the 3 inches thick tri-zone Talalay latex. The latex foam is divided into 3 zones, the upper, middle, and lower areas. The upper and lower areas are softer in feel, and the middle zone is firmer. The firmer region does not sink too much to provide the ideal support. The material is entirely hypoallergenic.
  • The base layer is the HR base foam made of polyurethane. The material is highly resilient and can build solid support at the base. It has firmer orthopedic support as well to make it entirely ideal for pressure relief. The thickness here is 3 inches.
  • All these three layers are covered by a flexible, hypoallergenic cotton terry blend material. The outer cover is stretchable and well ventilated to prevent heat from the memory foam from affecting the surface temperature. The terry cotton cover is removable and washable to keep its hygiene.
  • There is also an optional platform foundation made of wood. The wood is covered by a quilted top and is quite able to provide enough and solid support.

Return Policy for Fibro Pedic mattress

Finally, Fibropedic mattress comes with a 120-days trial period for you to test and decide the comfort of the bed. You can check its reliability and if found it doubtful, could be returned without hassle. The company will pay for the return shipping.

Why Fibropedic Mattress Ideal For Fibromyalgia?

Ideally, memory foam is the best for fibromyalgia. The specifications required for these conditions are met by Fibropedic mattress which is why it works well. The density of the foam, thickness, firmness and the responsiveness are the main points that make this mattress the first choice.

  • The density of the memory foam should be between 3.5–5 lbs Fibropedic has the memory foam layer of 4 lbs density, which is the average best. It can be soft enough and firm when needed. It also makes sure that there is no pain and will ease the movements also.
  • Thickness recommended is 3–4, and the memory foam here is 3 inches in thickness. This thickness is ideal to have soft contouring. It also is suitable for all sleeping positions. Ideally, people who are heavier would need thicker foam but the addition of another latex layer in Fibropedic counters this problem.
  • The firmness of Fibropedic mattress is the medium firm which is the best of all. The body should not sink into the bed but should also be able to provide support.
  • The responsiveness of the memory foam in Fibropedic is in accordance with the body heat. The responsiveness here happens readily, instead of waiting for a minute or more for effect. It would help in faster comfort and easier when changing positions on the mattress.

Fibro-pedic Mattress Availability

Fibropedic mattress is available in all sizes from twin, twin XL, full, queen, King, and California King sizes. The only problem that is prominent with this mattress is that it comes at a higher price. Memory foam mattresses are expensive, and the special kind of foam used here makes it expensive than usual.

There is an option to have a split queen or king size mattress. The manufacturers also offer custom size mattresses for the needy. All beds are certified by CertiPUR-US, so there is no threat of toxins from the mattress.



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