Pranasleep Mattress — Compare Lotus Vs Pranayama
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With 13 years of experience in this mattress field, Pranasleep has been listening and caring to the needs and tastes of the customers. Buying a mattress that perfectly suits your sleeping needs is a great thing. This is what Pranasleep ensures to their customers. Since 1964, the company has been offering quality mattresses with customer satisfaction as its main focus. Pranasleep’s collection of Mattresses was launched in 2014 and offers quality mattresses of the highest quality and fair price and treats the people the way they want to be treated. Today, Pranasleep has been one of the leaders in the mattress industry offering comfort and support. Pranasleep mattresses are designed using the most latest technology and materials to match your body shape. In this competitive world, the most advanced latex sleep systems from Pranasleep continue to please its customers.

Reasons To Buy Pranasleep Mattresses

PranaSleep Mattress Reviews

Taking a restful sleep can ease away the effects and tiredness of the day by boosting immunity and replenishing every cell. What if your sleep is disturbed by pressure point pains? The spine is the body’s core strength, vitality, and health. The positioning of the spine during your sleep is very important for the free flow of energy. Pranasleep mattresses allow the free flow of life’s energy and provide a deep, restorative night’s sleep.

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  • Each Pranasleep set of mattress is handcrafted and meticulously designed for the highest attainment of pressure point relieving support and comfort.
  • The mattress of Pranasleep features flip-free, rotation-free ease with firm supportive base below and softer comforting layers on top.
  • Almost all Pranasleep mattresses are made using Pranasleep Performance Talalay latex, in the U.S using an eco-friendly process.
  • Pranasleep mattresses are designed in such a way that they regulate the body’s temperature by storing and releasing body heat as needed.
  • The Pranasleep patented Perimeter Wrap is a breakthrough in luxury mattress design. Their unique process of wrapping the core and comfort layers with durable non-woven fabric girds stabilizes the mattress and eliminates the need for foam encasement. This gives the mattress a superior internal stability, edge-to-edge consistency and firmer sleep surface.

Pranasleep Mattress Benefits

  • Pranasleep uses quality latex crafted from the sap of the rubber tree.
  • Pranasleep mattress naturally conforms to body’s shape for optimal orthopedic support.
  • They use the unique pinhole design and open cell structure to provide easy breathing.
  • Pranasleep mattresses are heat and moisture resistant.
  • Mattresses from Pranasleep help to reduce pressure point pains. It also helps to reduce high pressure areas that shut off capillary blood flow causing a person to toss and turn.
  • The fine quality mattresses from Pranasleep alleviates pressure to help bring oxygen and nutrients to muscles.
  • Pranasleep mattresses are manufactured in the United States in their own state-of-the-art factory using an eco-friendly water based process.
  • Pranasleep mattresses are meticulously handcrafted by time-tested craftsmen whose caring concern is very evident in every mattress they make.
  • Each stage of the production undergoes a final inspection to ensure the finest quality mattress as the end result.
  • Pranasleep is capable of custom designing a mattress in any size for your home or for use in luxury coaches and yachts.

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Pranasleep Outlast Smart Fabric Technology

With Pranasleep’s Outlast smart fabric technology, you can maintain a comfortable and stable temperature all night. The mattresses use space-age thermocouples embedded in the fabric and work by absorbing and releasing body heat as needed.

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This Outlast smart fabric technology was designed for NASA to be used in space suits. Now, this technology has been implemented in Pranasleep and the result is the creation of an ideal sleep surface with temperature control for each individual. The unique phase change material in the fabric absorbs excess body heat, storing it and releasing it back as needed. This not only creates comfort but also cools your sleeping body. The absorption and release of your body heat keep you and your sleeping partner at the right temperature all night long. This in turn results in a more restful sleep that rejuvenates your body, mind, and spirit.

Experience Quality Sleep With Pranasleep Latex Mattresses

The craftsmen at Pranasleep create the finest latex mattress to fit your requirements in both size and shape. Without sacrificing for quality, support, and comfort. Pranasleep latex mattresses are naturally anti-microbial and inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. Latex mattresses from Prana Sleep are allergic-free and dust-mite resistant for years of lasting comfort.

Pranasleep Matresses — A Review

Experience the joy of restful sleep with the great collections at Pranasleep. The vast collection of mattresses from Pranasleep includes the Pranasleep collection, the Om collection, the Karma collection, the Lotus collection, and the Organics collection.

  • The PranaSleep 5th generation mattress collection include the Vinyasa Plush, Super Vinyasa Super Plush, Samathi Super Cush, Samadhi Luxury Plush, Wahe Luxury Plush, Vinyasa Firm, Super Vinyasa Luxury Firm, Nidra Extra Firm and Wahe Luxury Firm. The prices of these mattresses range from $4200 for Vinyasa Plush to around $8800 for Wahe Luxury Firm.
  • The PranaSleep OM mattresses have the following models, Patanjali Luxury Firm, Vayu Luxury Firm, Super Vayu Luxury Plush, Shanti Luxury Firm, Guru Luxury Plush. The prices of these mattresses range from $4,000 to $11,000.
  • The PranaSleep Organic Collection of mattresses have the Dharma Firm, The Bhakti Cush Firm, Hatha Gentle Firm and the newly introduced Baby organic mattresses for baby cribs. The prices range from $3000 to $5000.
  • The PranaSleep Karma Mattresses have the Moon Firm, Moon Plush, Moon Super Plush, Sky Luxury Firm, Sky Luxury Plush, Sky Luxury Super Plush and Sky Super Cush models. The prices are in the range of $1500 to $3500.
  • The PranaSleep Lotus Collection of mattresses include the Namaste 5.0 Firm, Pranayama 5.1 Firm, Pranayama 5.2 Plush, Asana 6.1 Firm, Asana 6.2 Plush and Asana 6.3 Super Plush. The prices of these mattresses are in the range of $1500 to $3300.

A look at some of the popular collections is given below.

  • Om PranaSleep — queen mattresses
  • 5th generation mattresses
  • Lotus queen mattresses

Om Pranasleep Patanjali Queen Mattress

  • Patanjali luxury mattresses was the first luxury mattress from Pranasleep. These mattresses are made using 100% natural rubber Talalay imported from Netherlands and clad in silk, wool and cashmere. Patanjali luxury queen mattresses support a sustainable living support.
  • Om Pranasleep Om Vayu luxury mattresses
    The Om Vayu luxury mattresses help you in naturally breathing and creating cold comfort on this cushioned luxury foam. Om Vayu luxury mattress features cushioned luxury mattresses made of silk, wool and cashmere plus a layer of pure eco-wool and breathable Talalay in the quilt. They are made from 100% natural rubber to create both airflow and comfort.

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  • Om Pranasleep Shanti luxury queen mattress
    Shanti is a Sanskrit word which means peace, rest or bliss. Sleeping on a Shanti luxury mattress provides peaceful sleep as the sleep surface is densely layered for deep down support and comfort and designed to achieve airflow and a long-lasting luxury firm feel.
  • Pranasleep Vinyasa Plush mattresses from the 5th generation series
    5th generation Pranasleep offers Vinyasa Plus mattresses to support the spine and allowing to relax in its natural position and thereby relieving you from pressure point pains. Vinyasa Plus mattresses facilitates free flow of energy and provides deep peaceful sleep with a comfortable luxury feel. Get refreshed and rejuvenated every morning with Vinyasa Plus 5th generation Pranasleep mattresses.
  • Samadhi luxury plush 5th generation Pranasleep mattresses
    The Samadhi Super Cush is the latest design in Pranasleep’s luxury sleeping. They offer a layer of extraordinary performance topped with Pranasleep’s exclusive high-density Super cush package to give amazing feeling of sleep with spinal support. These mattresses are ideal for back or side sleepers.
  • Nidra Extra firm 5th generation Pranasleep mattresses
    Nidra Extra firm mattresses from Pranasleep are perfect for those who are looking for a firmer surface in a mattress. Nidra sleep mattresses from Pranasleep are ideal for back sleepers as they provide a supportive feel without making you feel hard.

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  • Namaste Lotus mattresses from Pranasleep
    Pranasleep Namaste 5.0 Firm mattresses from Lotus series is a super-high density mattress that gives the benefit of both support and comfort. These cushioned mattresses are made of premium poly-foam and a durable strecth-knit fabric to create comfort and proper spinal allignment when sleeping. The Namaste 5.0 mattress is 9” thick.
  • Pranasleep’s Pranayama 5.1 firm mattress from Lotus collection
    The super high-desnity Pranayama mattress is designed for those who are looking for comfort and support. These are affordable mattresses that contain exclusive Pranasleep performance Talalay latex. The cushioned firm DeluxeQuilt includes a premium poly-foam and a durable stretch-knit fabric to create a comfortable contour to your body and to assist in proper spinal alignment.
  • Pranasleep Asana 6.1 firm mattresses from the Lotus collection
    This mattress supports proper alignment of the spinal cord and provide deep restorative sleep with a supportive feel. They are made of 1” Pranasleep performance talalay latex for added comfort and support. Refresh your morning every day with Asana 6.1 Pranasleep lotus mattresses.

Pranasleep Mattress Reviews — Customer Reviews

The customer reviews of Pranasleep give us positive feedback on the performance of the mattress. Users of Pranasleep were highly satisfied with the comfort and support it offered. Following are the customer reviews on Pranasleep mattresses:

  • Pranasleep mattress review 1: Nestor and Stacey from Florida had given positive feedbacks about the mattress. They say that the Pranasleep Plush mattress and pillows were the most comfortable mattress and pillows they had ever slept on. Pranasleep mattresses helped them to get rid of back pains and leg pains from sleeping on old mattress. Pranasleep mattresses were very firm and resulted in peaceful sleep throughout the night. The whole experience of Nestor and Stacey with Pranasleep was very professional and they strongly reommend this Pranasleep mattress to all their friends.
  • Pranasleep mattress review 2: Another user Adrienne from California loves Pranasleep mattress due to the comfort and support it provided.
  • Pranasleep mattress review 3: Eugene and Connie from Florida added that Pranasleep mattresses avoided the pain associated with pressure points. They said that these mattresses were adjustable and provided with maximum comfort and luxury at reasonable price.
  • Pranasleep mattress review 4: Lisa, a customer from Hudson, MA said that Pranasleep mattresses provide extreme comfort that she felt like floating on water. The only thing she didn’t like about the mattress was the price factor as she felt that Pranasleep mattresses were a bit pricey.

PranaSleep also has Foundations and Pillows to use with their mattresses. The foundations use the best quality of latex foam rubber which gives better support and comfort. The Foundations include the Euro, the Adjustable Euro, the Low Profile EuroSlat, and Adjustable EuroSlat.

PranaSleep Pillows are resistant to mold, mildew, and dust-mite. These hypo-allergic pillows are available in three sizes, 3.5 inches, 4.5 inches, and 5.5 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you buy Pranasleep mattresses from?

You can buy the Pranasleep mattress from their official website.

Is Pranasleep mattress listed on Amazon?

Pranasleep is not listed on Amazon. To get the original quality mattress, it is recommended to buy from their official website.

I have heard that Pranasleep mattresses are costly. Is it true?

Some customers felt that Pranasleep mattresses were a bit costly. Pranasleep offers a wide collection of mattresses with a wide variation in prices. You can choose a suitable mattress that suits your affordability and comfort. Even though the mattresses are a bit costly, they are worth it as you are guaranteed comfort, luxury, and support.

What do the Pranasleep mattress reviews say?

9–10 customers were happy with the performance of Pranasleep mattresses. They said that using Pranasleep mattresses has helped them get rid of pressure point pains and properly supported the spine.

Does Pranasleep mattress offer a warranty?

Yes, Pranasleep mattresses offer a money-back guarantee and warranty. Pranasleep mattresses are designed for long-lasting pure comfort. In case, you feel dissatisfied with the Pranasleep sleep set, contact the retail store from where you purchased it or email the company at

Pranasleep mattress is guaranteed for 5 years, which includes tears or punctures. Defective mattresses will be determined by the manufacturer or manufacturer’s representatives. For this, please retain your receipt as proof of purchase. Different mattresses have different warranty periods. Check their official site to get the warranty terms for each of their mattress collections.

Is it good to use the Pranasleep lotus mattress?

Yes, Pranasleep Lotus mattresses are designed to support your spine. These mattresses provide a deep, restorative sleep with a firm and supportive feel. Pranasleep lotus mattresses include mattress models like Namaste 5.0 firm, Pranayama 5.1 firm, Pranayama 5.2 Plush, Asana 6.1 firm, Asana 6.2 Plush, and Asana 6.3 super plush.

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For what purpose is the Pranasleep samadhi mattress used?

The Pranasleep Samadhi super Cush mattresses are the latest luxury mattresses available. Each layer of Pranasleep’s Samadhi mattress is layered with High-performance Talalay, topped with Pranasleep’s exclusive high-density Super Cush quilt. Pranasleep Samadhi mattress gives you an awesome feeling of sleeping on a solid surface with proper spine alignment. These mattresses are 14” deep and provide a deep peaceful sleep.



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