Saatva Vs Plushbeds Hybrid Luxury Bliss
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Having difficulty choosing between a Saatva mattress and the Luxury Bliss hybrid Mattress from Plushbeds? Comparing 2 mattresses could be difficult and confusing if the mattresses are almost similar but when it comes to the Saatva and the Plushbeds Hybrid mattresses, there seem to be a lot of differences that make it easier to choose from. It’s not just about the price here. A lot is going on when it comes to the features, material used, and overall research the mattress manufacturers have put into their products.

A comparison of the product itself is very easy. The differences are evident and the similarities are clear. It becomes easier to choose between these two mattresses once you can understand what is delivered by which brand and product

The Saatva is a Memory foam hybrid while the Plushbeds use latex.

The Saatva has extensive research on their product for Back pain and related conditions which the Plushbeds lack

The Plusheds all-natural, Organic material while the Saatva uses organic cotton and wool, the foam is still polyurethane

Saatva has far more features and offers in the product than the Plushbeds.

Plushbeds is far more durable than Saatva mattress

And when it comes to similarities there seem to be a lot of them too.

Both Saatva and Plushbeds are hybrid Luxury mattresses.

When you look at 2 different products with entirely different materials, it could be hard to decide on which product to choose or sometimes very obviously easy. Let’s look at each of the features in detail to see which one fares better than the other

Latex Or Foam Hybrid?

Before moving forward, begin by analyzing if you need a latex mattress or a memory foam mattress. If you are not sure, this is the time to decide. Latex beds are responsive as compared to memory foam mattresses, retain less heat than memory foam, and are often more durable. But when the construction is right, with encased coils and better breathability and gel-infused foam, You can expect a memory foam mattress to perform just as well as latex foam.

Is that confusing? If you are allergic to latex or memory foam, avoid it entirely. If you are more into organic and natural products, then latex would be a better option for you. If you are purchasing latex because you think it’s cooler or firmer, it wouldn’t be much different from the memory foam of Saatva. Saatva produces premium memory foam mattresses which are cooler with gel-infused technology. They are cooler and just about the same firmness.

At first, look, Though Plushbeds may seem enticing with their latex foam, Saatva is equally good with gel foam. Saatva premium memory foam is just as good as the latex in the Plushbeds.

Trial, Warranty And Price

As for the price, there is not much of a difference in the price at all. Both mattresses were priced equally. For a latex mattress, Plushbeds are low-priced and affordable. For a mattress that is extremely well constructed, has extensive research and is crafted, the Saatva is priced low. 10 years ago, these mattresses would have been considered dirt cheap for their quality. Today both these products are priced low. You cannot base your purchase on prices. Both these mattresses are well-priced. It has value for the money you pay.

As for warranty and trial, the Saatva offers 20 days more in the trial. It wouldn’t make a lot of difference between a 100 nights trial and a 120 nights trial. Most people would have decided on their 45th day of purchase if they have used the mattress for 45 nights. With a warranty, You don’t use a mattress for more than 10 years. A 25-year warranty is good to hear but you only need a 12–15 year warranty on a mattress. Anything longer than that is not required. Both Saatva and Plushbeds Hybrid Latex mattresses offer enough warranty and trial periods to satisfy customer needs.

The trial, warranty and price are simply not enough to compare Plushbeds with Saatva. Both of them have equally good policies and prices.


The devil is in the detail. The construction of the mattress itself has a lot to do with how a mattress works. The design will determine how the mattress will perform under various situations. Putting both mattress side by side and deconstructing it will allow us to see which mattress is better, what parts are used and how it performs under certain situations.


Plushbeds have the simplest construction for a latex hybrid mattress. It’s simply Latex foam on top of the encased coil and covered with organic cotton. That’s simply put. Though each of its parts does its own set of duties, there seems to be no extensive technology or design implemented into the overall construction of the mattress itself. The coils around the edges are the same gauge as the ones inside. The foam is a single layer of latex. The covers are organic cotton with organic wool fire retardants. Yes, it’s perfectly organic and apart from that, there seem to be no design advancements.

For instance, The edge support on this mattress does not seem to be considered. There is no extra padding on the edges and the steel coils are not extra dense to support edge support. Most mattresses today give extra focus to small things like edge support and heating. This has been completely overlooked by the Hybrid series of Plushbeds.

As far as the overall construction of the mattress goes, the Plushbeds hybrid does not fare well compared to the Saatva and you will know what I mean when we look into the construction of the Saatva mattress itself


The Saatva mattress is constructed with care, engineered and designed with attention to detail, and researched extensively to support patients and people with back pain problems. Even saying this much should let you know that the mattress is a step ahead in terms of construction.

To begin with, the Saatva mattress has dedicated perimeter edge support. The enhanced edge support helps people to sit on the mattress edge comfortably. This is a key enhancement when compared to Plushbeds hybrids. The enhanced perimeter support also makes the Saatva mattress an excellent choice for elders.

The euro pillow top on the Saatva mattress is soft, and comfortable and gives it a luxurious feel. Unlike the Cover on the Plushbeds, the Saatva covers are far softer and feel a lot better.

When it comes to coil counts, the Plushbeds have a better coil count than the Saatva mattress. The construction is not much different from that of Saatva. But Saatva has a more researched approach to having the number of coils in their mattresses.

The spinal Zone technology is also one other feature where the Saatva excels. With excellent lumbar support and great pressure relief technology, also well researched the Saatva stands a step ahead of Plushbeds.

The Saatva mattress is designed differently from most other mattresses. It has a coil-over-coil design for extra support and the required bounce. While the Plushbeds have only one encased coil layer, the Saatva has a coil-over-coil design, which is well-appreciated by many who are also younger.

The Saatva mattress has an edge over Plushbeds when it comes to construction and design. Saatva mattresses are an excellent choice for both younger and older groups of customers and they work great, especially for seniors. For Seniors with Back pain , Saatva is also the most recommended mattress. Both the mattresses are compatible with adjustable bases but when it comes to comfort, Saatva is a lot better than the Plushbeds.


It’s important to address the quality and the material itself used in the mattress. While many have deemed Memory foam, primarily made of polyurethane foam as a hazard, many find latex allergic too. When it comes to mattresses it’s not what you see which is always important. A lot has to do with what’s inside too. Many mattresses are high in VOC Chemicals which can be hazardous. Some mattresses are known to cause allergies. These allergies may come due to the chemicals involved in manufacturing the mattress itself and may last anywhere between 3–4 days after it opened up. Some mattresses are also allergic because of the core material used. If you are allergic to latex or memory foam you may want to look into it too.

Mattress Thickness

Mattress thickness is an important consideration especially if you are looking for a mattress which is for heavier adults. If you are over 180 lbs, you may want to consider a thicker mattress. A mattress which is more than 10 inches thick is recommended for heavy people, but the heavier the mattress, the better it is.


Saatva has 2 height levels or thicknesses in their mattress which you can choose from. 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches. The thicker the better for heavy people. Thicker mattresses are known to hold weight better and not bottom out when you lie down. At 14.5 inches, most people would find the mattress comfortable even at 300 lbs. The Saatva HD is known to support up to 500 lbs weight per person. This is excellent for heavy people.


Plushbeds hybrid latex comes in 12 inches thickness. It’s usually great for most people below 200lbs but if you are above 200lbs, this mattress may need consideration. Good mattress height is recommended for heavy people and Plushbeds are not the right choice when it comes to heavy people. For an average person, this may be the right thickness and they will feel very comfortable with the Plushbeds. But when you put it side by side with a Saatva mattress and if you are heavy, chances are you would love the Saatva better.


If you have suffered from back-related problems, you would agree on how important it is to get the firmness of your mattress right. A mattress that is too soft or too firm could cause aggravated back pain and other problems including disturbed sleep. While soft mattresses are good to sleep on for a few minutes to an hour, it’s not very supportive if you want to spend 8 hours in bed. A mattress is too firm and you will not fall asleep. You may also end up with cramps and aches if you sleep on a mattress which is too firm.

Most mattresses offer at least 2 firmness levels to choose from. A scale of 1 to 10 determines how firm the mattress is with 10 being the firmest and equal to sleeping on a yoga mat on the floor. A 7.5 firmness level is recommended by most orthopaedic specialists and chiropractors. The numbers are often a bit tricky when it comes to the weight of a person itself and thus it becomes harder to give a general firmness level for a condition or recommend medium-firm 7.5 firmness to all. If you are heavy, an 8 would do better than a 7 or 7.5 if you are lighter, the firmness level of 5 may feel like it’s medium firm.


Saatva offers 3 firmness levels. A luxury firm, which is more or less, the medium-firm category, the Firm, and the plush soft. The choice of medium-firm is great for people who are moderate weight, anywhere below 150lbs. If you are heavy you may want to for a firmer option and if you are light, choose a plush soft. The firmness of the mattress is one area where people go wrong and feel frustrated. Call customer service before you purchase a mattress and confirm the firmness levels to choose from. This will almost always save you money on the topper if you ever end up buying a mattress which is too firm.


Plushbeds offers 2 firmness levels on their hybrid mattress. The Medium firm and medium. The medium firm Mattress is the best option for people with back problems. The medium option is great for the younger group and people who are not that heavy. Chances are that you will get the right firmness when you have just 2 choices but chances are that they also don’t meet the perfect firmness you require. If you are too heavy, chances are that the medium-firm feels a bit too soft for your liking. This may end up with you having back pain problems.!

Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress is a 100% organic, Natural Latex Hand Tufted Hybrid Mattresses. Comes with 180 Night trial and a 15 Year warranty. Natural Cooler, Hypoallergenic and Organic.

In Conclusion

With a side-by-side comparison between the Saatva and the Luxury hybrid mattress by Plushbeds, the Saatva excels in more areas than the plush bed’s hybrid latex mattress. It’s a choice worth considering. The prices are the same and the warranty guarantees to are not significantly different. Free shipping and returns are norms in both companies. The quality of the Saatva though is a few steps ahead of that of Plushbeds.



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