What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Sex

6 min readMar 16, 2023

Men think of sex 19 times a day. Surely not many men have sex 19 times a day but to think of Sex 19 times a day shows how important sex is to men. When it comes to sex, the most important thing is the partner and the second most important thing is the mattress. Yes, there are other factors which play a good role too, like the mood, ambience, location blah blah blah… but the mattress. That’s the key to fulfilling sex almost always. It’s the deal-maker or the deal-breaker.

Mattresses these days come in all shapes and sizes. The types of mattresses are numerous. There is latex, memory foam, hybrid, air mattress, and a lot more. All mattresses are categorized by the material used. While this may seem unimportant for someone purchasing a mattress, it is, in reality, the most important thing to consider while purchasing a mattress.

When you are purchasing a mattress for sex, if you are newly married or have a partner who accompanies you in your bed, you need to consider not just your comfort but also the comfort of your partner. To add, you also need to get a good sleep and not just have sex in your new bed.

Memory Foam Mattress For Sex

When it comes to mattress types and sex, the Memory foam mattress has been a favorite among most people for a long time. A medium-firm memory foam mattress is a great option if you are looking for a mattress. It’s great for sex and is also wonderful to sleep on. It conforms, is supportive, and is lasting. The downside to a memory foam mattress is that it sleeps hot.

Think about you sweating in bed while having sex. It’s not a wonderful experience and a site only relished in movies. Mattress manufacturers realized this problem soon enough and rectified the issue with hybrid memory foam mattresses. If you end up with a memory foam mattress of your choice at least opt for one with gel foam. Gel foam mattresses are 2–3 degrees cooler and can help remove heat from your mattress and away from your body. As a general rule, do not opt for a memory foam mattress, especially if you want a mattress for sex. Why choose a mattress memory foam when there are better options with no significant price increase!!!

Memory Foam Hybrid Mattresses.

Hybrid mattresses, as its commonly referred to, is memory foam mattress with pocketed coils to support them. The mattress added a lot of benefits to the traditional memory foam mattress. While memory foam mattresses tend to sink in and engulf the person sleeping it, especially when the mattress is soft, the hybrid mattresses were supportive, more than the traditional memory foam mattresses. The coils in between ensuring that the spine alignment was perfect and the mattress contoured to your body shape. This in turn resulted in better sleep posture. With spring coils, the mattress was also a lot more breathable and did not build up heat over time, thus making the mattress much cooler.

The hybrid mattress is one of the best mattresses, even today when it comes to sex. The mattress is bouncy and as we all know the act of sex is like a dance. The rhythm is the most important thing which adds to the pleasure of sex. The encased coil is not just supportive but also adds much-needed bounce. Experts say that a good bounce is important for a mattress when it comes to sex, but when it comes to normal sleep quality, a good bounce is not as important. Many mattresses which were considered bouncy were a problem. The problem of motion isolation is one issue that most partners face. Every time a person moves in or out of bed, the other partner is woken out of sleep because of the movement on the other side. A good Memory foam hybrid should not just have a great bounce but should have great motion isolation too.

Another concern with the memory foam hybrid was the noise. Traditional Spring mattresses were noisy. The spring inside the mattress would make squeaky noise when someone moves in bed. And when it comes to sex, it’s all movement. Sex on a squeaky mattress could be an advertisement to your neighbours about your activity. A good hybrid mattress should be shhh silent. The pocketed coils in the mattress ensure that the mattress never makes a noise and is silent as it can be.

The hybrid mattress was perfect for sex and supportive for normal use too. In all perspectives, the mattress was indeed just perfect for use. The mattress was supportive, and conforming, and provided the best sex and sleep you could ask for. There was no chance of improvement in a hybrid mattress. Until, of course, the introduction of latex mattresses.

The Latex Mattress.

The introduction of latex mattresses was considered to be revolutionary in many senses. It was a natural product with no chemicals involved and the possibility of an organic mattress came to light after a long time (Cotton mattresses were organic but no one wants a cotton mattress anymore). The latex mattress had everything that a memory foam mattress had and was better on various fronts. To begin with, the Latex mattresses did not retain heat, a common problem with memory foam mattresses. While they were conforming, supportive and responsive, Which were all available with the memory foam mattress, they were also much more durable and natural.

One of the common problems, memory foam owners faced was the responsiveness of the mattress itself. The memory foam mattresses were too slow to respond to movement. Once you settled in, it took a while to retain its shape when you moved from the position, creating a dent in the position you were previously in. This made prompt movements hard. It was common for most people to complain that they lost balance during a crucial time and wished that the mattress was a bit more easily adjustable to movement.

The Latex mattress solved this big issue and was comfortable. But then there was still the question of bounce. The much-needed bounce of a mattress was still missing in a pure latex mattress. While the latex mattress was perfect to sleep on, it lacked the bounce which was preferred for sex. Of course, sex is great without the bounce but it could be better than great with a bit of extra bounce.

This is where Latex hybrid mattresses excel in all areas.

Latex Hybrid Mattress.

The Latex Hybrid mattress is the perfect mattress for sex. It seems like it’s the mattress was designed specifically for sex. Of course it’s not, but just happens to be one of the best mattresses to have sex on. The mattress is bouncy, responsive, soft yet firm, and supportive. Latex with the coil is a combination that is so perfect for sex that sometimes you just don’t know if there could or would be anything better. Like sex and intimacy coach Namita Caen Puts it, Foam if for good sleep, snuggling, and cuddling AFTER SEX but lacks the bounce and mobility a latex hybrid can provide.

Experts in sex and mattress could agree on one thing when it comes to mattresses and that’s the latex hybrid mattress. If you are out to purchase your next mattress and you have sex in mind as one of the qualifying factors for your next mattress, jump straight to the latex hybrid section. The prices these days are affordable too and are not as exorbitant as they used to be a few years ago. Increased competition has decreased the price of Latex hybrids but a few mattress companies are selling poor-quality latex hybrids, so beware.




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